Citterio Meda was founded by the Citterio family in 1967, and was born from the manual skills of accomplished craftsmen from Brianza, combined with the creative thinking of expert designers.
The company's mission is the desire and ability to convey experience and expertise through a furnishing product that embodies care and craftsmanship, choosing quality materials and details.
The production decisions, which are constantly related to the highest quality standards, are a guarantee that an ambitious goal will be attained: the complete satisfaction of its customers.
Firmly rooted in tradition, to this day Citterio Meda offers a 100% "made in Italy" production and the Citterio Meda Technical Office continues to satisfy every need for private and public furniture, through special creations that are made to measure and designed for adorning the spaces of those looking for a kind of sartorial originality and functionality.


From the 1960s to today, the company has combined tradition with new design and interior design trends to create unique designs and furnishings.
The many different models in the Citterio Meda showroom permanently offer an extensive collection of the vast production of sofas, armchairs, beds and accessories.


“We believe in quality.
Our products are
100% made in Italy,
from the creation of the design,
from our choice to use carefully
selected raw materials,
to the production process.”


Functionality and beauty.

Sofas, armchairs, beds and accessories that can be tailored and embellished with new finishes to meet every specific and personal furnishing need, both in homes, private dwellings, and for interior designers and mid range/high end hospitality businesses.

CITTERIOMEDA collaborates with international architects and designers who have created facilities for the worldwide community.

Our matching solutions are the result of a fusion of different styles and fine combinations of different items.

ach model has its own history, its beauty, a strong identity: each model can create different settings in terms of size and the way it fits with the architecture of the building; it is planned, designed and built according to authentic handcrafting standards.

azienda azienda

The quality is outstanding, both in terms of product and service.
The products are made by focusing on versatility, comfort, originality and uniqueness; products that are not only beautiful, but also functional and durable, and that retain their original features over time.

Our production methods and processes are regularly and rigorously tested and updated, to guarantee quality, robustness, reliability and beauty.

The painstaking craftmanship of our highly qualified employees, skilled at making products to the highest standards of craftsmanship, and our woven label, sewn onto every CITTERIOMEDA upholstered item, guarantee authenticity and originality in every production process.
Our timeless and durable products are the result of a long design and production process.

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CitterioMeda products are guaranteed for 20 years.

The textile label sewn on every piece of our production, ensures the authenticity and originality enforceable in each manufacturing process made of 100% "Made in Italy".

The warranty applies to products which have manufacturing defects and in any case when they are used correctly and in the right way and for the wooden structure for the maintenance of the coating.

After delivery, if your product proves defective, the buyer is obliged to formally challenge the damage found by contacting the Company immediately and in any event no later than seven days after delivery.

The Company makes available to fully examine it.